Please call Terry here at The Humane Society's Pets Fur People, at (903) 597-2471 after 10am regarding animals for surrender or lost and found animals. Email or text your name and pictures of the pet(s) to Terry at 903-245-5725 beforehand if possible. We need clear photographs of the dog showing the head and full body.

Our Surrender Fees are as follows:
$40 for animals over 8 weeks of age (dogs or cats) - In Smith County
$50 for animals over 8 weeks of age (dogs or cats) - Outside Smith County

You may also post a Found Dog Report on our website found at this link: /lostandfound/foundpetlisting.php

From there it will also post to our FaceBook page & Twitter feed.

Generally, feral cats should be trapped, neutered and released where they came from since they are nearly impossible to domesticate. Google search for TNR programs in your area.

There is a low cost spay/neuter clinic called Our Family Vet Glenwood. Their number is (903) 592-3877.

Here is a link to humane trapping of cats:

There are also many links online about making warm shelters for cats.

We appreciate your concern for helping these cats and wish you the best of luck.

Options for placing animals:
The Humane Society's Pets Fur People became a selective admissions, no-kill animal sanctuary in January of 2010. We received approximately 650 animals each year so we are generally full to capacity. When we have space, we do accept animals that are adoptable and friendly, but the sad part is we can’t accept them all. We have other options we can share with you.

An animal must be evaluated on site by our receiving technicians to determine:
• Temperament
• Age (8 weeks to 5 years old)
• Health (heartworm negative/feline leukemia negative)
• Appearance (big black dogs are difficult to adopt)
• Available space in our kennels. We try to maintain an equal balance between small, medium, and large dogs and puppies.
• Residents of Smith County (outside Smith County cases are handled on a case by case basis)
• The evaluation process is an objective process based on our 45 years of experience in the animal sheltering business

Since we are a no kill facility, we can only accept dogs and cats that we deem to be adoptable at our shelter. We cannot accept a dog or cat that we feel, in our view, is not adoptable that will have to warehoused for the rest of its life.We cannot accept or adopt aggressive breeds such as pit bulls or pit bull mixes.

If Pets Fur People is unable to accept your dog or cat, we have other options listed below.

The Humane Society's Pets Fur People has a website where you can post lost and found animals. You can provide basic information about the animal including a picture. You can post the information at and follow the link that says “Lost and Found”. Additionally, we will also post this information on our facebook and twitter pages. Let us know if you find the owners after contacting us.

For strays, dumped dogs and cats, and personal pets, the best thing to do if possible, is to advertise pictures on the internet wherever you can as soon as possible, and then start searching other places for help. Sometimes people find a home for the pet before they find a group that has room.

You can personally post pictures on Craigslist, by clicking on the word classifieds,, and There are also web sites that post pictures for lost and found pets such as and A search can also be done to find more classified web sites than what is listed in this paragraph that let the public post pets. You can check with local shelters to see if they have a lost and found book to report or look for pets.

You can go to and click on animal shelters to see if you can find a rescue or shelter that has room. Please check local and surrounding areas to where you live. There are pet transport services to help pets get from one place to another, so don’t feel confined to just your state. Some groups know how to get in touch with these pet transport services or you can do a search for pet transport services yourself to help a pet get to a group that is far away.

If you know the breed of the dog or cat, you can do a general search on the internet for (insert breed) rescue in Texas or leave out the state and get a list of rescue groups in other states as well. For wild cats you can do a general search for feral cat rescue in Texas.

You can place an ad in the Thrifty Nickel. The deadline is Tuesday and comes out each Thursday. Do not advertise “free to a good home”, but put “needs a good home” or “for adoption” to weed out some of the irresponsible people. You can screen anyone interested over the phone before agreeing to let them see the pet.

If you have a Pit Bull you can require a vet reference and a home visit to check the person out. You can meet anyone interested in a public neutral location so they don’t know where the dog is being kept until it finds a home.

Listed below are two Low-Cost Spay/Neuter Clinics:

Animal Protection League, 705 Gilmer Road, Longview, TX 75604 – 903/753-7387
SPCA East Texas (903) 592-7705 FAX (903) 593-7719

If you have LOST a pet, you can call:
Tyler Animal Control (903)535-0045
Fire Marshal’s office (903)-590-2652 during business hours, or (903) 566-6600 after 5 p.m. on weekdays, during weekends or on holidays.)
Humane Society of Northeast Texas – Longview (903) 297-2170 (303 Enterprise St.)