Our New Adopted Daugher

We saw Tilley's picture in the Tyler Morning Telegraph Sunday paper. She was found by the Pets Fur People staff when they came to work one morning. She had been chained to the shelter gate.

When we first brought Tilley home, this was the first toy she found-the cat's bed.

I knew I had to go to get her some toys.

Tilley goes to the Day Spa

Tilley is tired out from her visit to the day spa. She was brushed and bathed and had her nails done. Instead of choosing a color, she chose to have them cut, filed, and buffed. They even cleaned her ears. Also they said the words that a woman never wants to hear!! She is overweight. They might have used the word obese. But thank goodness she wasn't in the room when they were discussing that.

Our neighbors brought Tilley a welcoming toy.

She played and played and played.

Tilley is glad she has a fur-ever family.

Tilley went from sleeping all the time to being a stalker of squirrels. Here she is with Gabi, our cat, and a squirrel on the fence.


Just got through yelling at Tilley. She was drinking out of the commode. She lifts not only the lid but the seat to get a drink. And we were worried because she was not getting a drink out of the water bowl outside.

Today I caught her drinking out of birdbath!!

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