Pets Fur People is the only brick and mortar no-kill animal shelter in East Texas. We provide a loving, healthy sanctuary for the homeless dogs and cats of our community while they wait for a quality home. As you know the dogs and cats at Pets Fur People will stay as long as it takes for us to find their forever home. In 2017, we saved 609 animals and reunited 15 lost animals with their families.

At the end of the day it all comes down to this - it takes $15/day to care for each dog and cat in our care. And 88 cents of every dollar we fundraise goes to caring for those in our care. As you consider your gift and the amount you are willing donate, we are going to feature one of our pets each day for the entire day to remind you that on that day a gift of $15 cares for that pet for that day. We will keep this in front of you via email and social media to help you join our cause by sharing our stories with your family and friends so they too can be a part of our 50th Anniversary celebration.

Remember, everything starts September 10th and lasts for 50 Days! Give a gift of any amount because every donation counts!