Donations to The Humane Society's Pets Fur People

If you would rather call us to make your donation that is fine as well. Please call 903-597-2471 and we will be happy to take your credit card information securely over the phone. You can also mail us checks or money orders - mail to: The Pets Fur People 1823 CR 386, Tyler, TX 75708.

How your financial support helps us:

  • Donate $10 - Your donation is greatly appreciated!
  • Donate $30- Microchip 2 puppies or kittens, keeping them safe.
  • Donate $50 - Neuter one male cat - preventing unwanted litters.
  • Donate $100 - Spay one female dog - preventing unwanted litters.
  • Donate $250 - Feed every dog and cat in our shelter for one week.
  • Donate $500 - Support all of the above and more.
  • Click to choose your own amount - any and all donations are greatly appreciated!